Free Localizing Cell phones: The Hand-held Revolution!

The turn of the century has not seen a bigger invention than the mobile phone; hand-held communication devices are possible due to the advancement of the wireless technology. Those frequency bands which were once the domain of the defense systems have now been made available to the common public. The mobile phone is an extremely useful device which enables people to be in touch over long distances; we are reachable where-ever we may be travelling, even if we are not stationary but moving in say; a car, train or an airplane.

The mobile manufacturing companies over the world have introduced ‘mobile tracking systems’ for cell phones. We may be traveling, but our family can know our location exactly. Also we can know if we are heading in the right direction towards our destination. Locating children or pets has become easier, and this technology has become one of the break-through technologies prevalent in the mobile industry today.

The Localization Technology:

This technology is available either by downloading some paid software or through a free localizing cellphones’ technology, online. It is based on the measurement of power levels, and antenna network configuration. It works on the principle that a powered mobile interacts wirelessly with the closest base station and so it can be deciphered that the mobile is in the vicinity.

The more advanced techniques work on the fact that the mobile is functional in a particular geographical area, which is at a stipulated distance from the base station. By interpolating signals between antenna towers, we can further approximate the exact location of the mobile, up to 50 meters.
The localization technologies for mobile phones are as follow –
1) GSM localization – This technology can be a used as a free localizing cellphones’ technology; it uses multilateration for locating GSM mobile phones.

2) The GPS based technique – This uses a constellation of 27 satellites orbiting the Earth, the user has a GPS receiver in his mobile phone, which needs a direct line of sight available between the device and any four of the satellites. Data can be downloaded on the device for navigating through an unknown area.

3) Network based Techniques – These are based on the service provider’s network, which is used in the identification of the mobile phones’ location; this system is advantageous because it does not affect the handsets. There are sub-techniques like the cell identification; that is not very accurate, the triangulation; that is moderately accurate, and the ‘forward-link’ timing method; that is the most accurate. The accuracies of these techniques depend on the base station cell concentration, the urban environments being the most conducive. The only drawback of this system is that it is highly dependent on the network service provider and the quality of the software and the hardware of their infrastructure installations.

4) Hand-set based technologies – There is a need of software to be installed into this device, some of which are freely available online, making this a gratis handy orten’ technology. This system identifies the cell and signal strength of the home cells and cells in the vicinity; this information is continuously relayed to the carrier. Mobile phones that work on the Android and iOS platforms can download the ‘Google Maps’ application for cell location.

5) The SIM based technology – In this, each mobile sim has a unique identification code, which is located by certain software applications.

6) Wi-Fi-based technology – In this, the data needs to be collected by crowd sourcing and can be compiled to be used for cell localization. Some manufacturers have designed Wi-Fi positioning systems and indoor positioning successfully.

7) The Hybrid technology – This uses a combination of the GPS and Network-based techniques.

Free Online Trackers:

A lot of information is available online which helps enthusiasts identify free technologies and methods of localizing mobile phones; websites like, track.Me,, and are some of the free mobile tracking sites available on the internet.

A Leading Review Site for Redunovin

The Site

Redunovin is one of the most effective of weight loss supplements in the world today. It uses naturally available ingredients like the Acai Berry, which has a deep purple pigment that contains a chemical known as Anthocyanin, which has an anti-oxidizing property that prevents free radicals from causing tissue damage.
This weight loss supplement is not only effective for women but also effective for men, because the weight loss enthused by this product is accompanied by the creation of muscle mass. The complete review about this product and detailed information about its functioning is available on the website; ist eine der besten Seiten über Redunovin Tests for the revolutionary weight loss supplement.
In our day to day life, we are all exposed to health issues related to overweight, in such times a product like this is a break-through technology for weight –loss. It not only helps reduce weight but also helps to build-up a lean and supple body.


Redunovin Review:

The website mentioned above is presented in the German language and can be translated to English; it’s a fairly comprehensive website and comprises of three pages. The first which speaks about the contents and effects of Redunovin, the second, which is a 6 week review about the use and effects of the product, with a dairy style catalogue of details, and the third page, that speaks about a lady’s experience of Redunovin over a long period and how it proved to be effective for her at losing weight.
Our interest lies in the 6 week, dairy style catalogue, penned down by a lady in her mid-thirties, weighing about 70 kg, who used it for a stipulated time as suggested by the manufacturers.
Week 1: The lady is excited to try out the product and having tried it for a day or two, did not feel constantly hungry as she did earlier, but instead felt remarkably energetic. When she weighed herself at the end of the first week, she was happily surprised to have lost 2.5 kg.
Week 2: She continued the course and felt healthy, light and energetic throughout the week, and to her amazement slept well after many years, which she attributed to a detoxified digestive system, and by the second weekend she had lost another 2 kg.
Week 3: With her body feeling energetic, she started light gymnastics for about ten minutes each day, and felt so energized through the day, that she did away with her daily, 3pm; 15 minute power nap. After the third week, she had lost another 3 kg.
Week 4 and Week 5: over the next two weeks her body became more toned and she looked forward to her daily exercises. Her digestion was better, and she no longer complained of stomach pain, indigestion or bloating.
Week 6: In the sixth week, with a few lapses in the 4 week, and running out of pills towards the middle of the last week, the lady still felt strong, light and energetic. She was fully convinced about the effectiveness of Redunovin, and at the end of the sixth week, she had lost a total weight of 9.5kg, which was more than she had ever lost in any other dietary program.

An Energizer

Redunovin has proved to be an effective way of controlling weight, and has its distinct advantage over other products; that of improving the muscle mass. It may have been achieved as the product uses Riboflavin or Vitamin B, which builds immunity and provides energy to the body. This heightens the desire to undertake physical activity like light exercises that in-turn aid in burning calories and stimulate the loss of weight further.

Garcinia Cambogia: the fresh slimming pill on the block!

Obesity and Modernization

The modern society today boasts blatantly about ‘Technology’; having umpteen electronic gadgets to make our life easy, simple and comfortable, but little do we realize the damage this ‘modernization’ is causing to our health. We may be ‘sorted out’ but we are far from sorting out our issues of health, stress and obesity, stemming from the sedentary lifestyle we have garnered.

Its just as well that more than half the world is still ‘third world’ and ‘developing’, and consume a more sensible diet than their ‘first world,’ developed cousins, who practically live a ‘packed, frozen and ready to eat’ life. But all is not lost, scientists are trying to make best of both the worlds by combining the veggies from the east to technology from the west, to manufacture products which can be consumed in the form of dietary supplement pills, which can keep our weight in check.

Garcinia Cambogia

The medicine is made from extracts of a small pumpkin as the fruit, green to yellowish colored, native to Indonesia, and also known as the Malabar Tamarind, or the Assam Fruit, or the Gambooge or sometimes the Brindle Berry. It’s grown in India, in the Coastal Karnataka and Kerala belt, and in parts of central Africa. It has been used in traditional South Asian dishes, like the curries and the chutneys, and may also be used commercially for curing fish and seafood preservation.

Garcinia Cambogia and Weight Loss

Dr. Oz, an America television personality promoted the Garcinia Cambogia extract as a break-through weight loss product. The chemical constituents present in Garcinia Cambogia are Hydroxy Citric Acid, Garcinol, Hydroxy Citric Acid Lactone, Isogarcinol and cyaniding -3- sambubioside. Hydroxy Citric Acid available in the product reduces the fatty acid synthesis, lypogenesis, induced weight loss and food intake. Invitro studies show lypogenesis from various precursors and suppression of fatty acid synthesis. This product is used extensively in diet control medicine, in treating diarrhoea, haemorrhoids, dysentery and flatulent colic.

Tests Conducted on Garcinia Cambogia

In 1998, a randomly controlled trial was conducted on 135 people, here the effects of hydroxy citric acid are studied; this is supposed to be the active component in the product as a potential anti-obesity agent. The Le garcinia cambogia test – verdict ! from this trial was that it failed to produce any measurable weight loss and loss of fat mass beyond that which is observed with the standard minimum.

Another Le garcinia cambogia test – verdict ! in 2001 was inconclusive because it was conducted on animals, rather than human beings, therefore, the results could not be extrapolated in a manner verbatim to humans.
This product is called ‘the magical plant’ by the manufacturers, they claim it lowers cholesterol levels in the blood and weight loss, however it lacks scientific evidence. At the best, researchers feel that the product has potential of being a weight-loss agent.

A meta-analysis conducted in 2010 revealed that while Garcinia Cambogia may cause short-term weight-loss, it is not of clinical significance. Further research needs to be conducted on a larger number of humans, to get to the fact of the matter.

A similar meta-analysis conducted in 2011 where a Le garcinia cambogia test – verdict ! concluded that the product was not as effective as other weight reducing agents. The authors of this study observed that the product extracts and the HCA generate weight loss on a short-term basis, however the magnitude of this effect is so small, that it is not statistically significant.Another study under strict controls conducted by the WHO revealed that no significant difference in weight-loss took place on using Garcinia Cambogia when compared to its placebo supplementation. The health benefits of the product, which are lowering of cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood, were more apparent in animal studies than studies carried out on human beings.

There is evidence of the health benefits of Garcinia Cambogia, but if individually weight-loss is considered these benefits are diminutive. However, there are some celebrities who have experienced positive results after using this product.

Pure Ultra Garcinia Cambogia Finds New Market in Spain

Adult obesity and overweight problems are serious problems in today’s world. It is an epidemic which is not confined to a particular country or region, but is widespread all over the world. Today, Obesity among adults is a very common problem, be it in America, Asia, Australia or Europe. With growing number of obese people, risk of many related medical problems like diabetes, blood pressure, and chronic heart diseases is also growing worldwide, day by day.

Problems with Youth

With poor eating habits and inability to exercise due to busy schedule, most youth is trying hard to control obesity and reduce weight to look attractive. In this quest, they usually end up taking harmful drugs that may cause severe side effects, which can harm their health for a lifetime. Same is the case with the youth in Spain, who thinks they are overweight and that they don’t look attractive.

Introduction of Pure Garcinia Cambogia Ultra

These increasing problems, at an alarming rate, have prompted scientists to find some natural and safe ways to help the young generation lose weight; look great and feel fit. The solution to these problems came up in the form of Garcinia Cambogia, a tropical fruit from South-East Asia, that, after months of detailed researches, was converted into pills in USA called pure Garcinia Cambogia ultra pills.

Pure ultra Cambogia works in such a way that people shed the extra fat without making any compromises with their health. The young generation of Spain felt excited after hearing all praises about the way pure cambogia ultra funciona towards the extra weight on one’s body. They were happier when they learnt that the USA made product will now be available to solve the problems of people suffering from weight management issues. Companies that developed pure ultra Garcinia Cambogia pills received an overwhelming response in the home country and were now looking forward towards expanding their base in the European countries especially in Spain. These companies tied up with E-retailers like Amazon, which already had set foot and were well established in Spain, and sold pure ultra Garcinia Cambogia pills in Spain, where it got a positive response that was beyond expectations.

How pure ultra Cambogia works

The richness of hydroxy citric acid in Garcinia Cambogia fruit which suppresses appetite of an individual and restricts carbohydrates and sugars to convert into fats rather than getting used to produce energy, is the reason that pure cambogia ultra funciona, As these are pills produced from extracts of the Garcinia Cambogia fruit. Apart from these, pure ultra Cambogia restricts the production of the enzyme citrate lyase in one’s body. This enzyme helps the body to convert excess carbohydrates into fats.

Another reason pure cambogia ultra funciona are because these stimulate the serotonin level in an individual’s brain. It leads to a reduction in a person’s craving for food and helps them get better sleep.
Pure Cambogia ultra is believed to be free of any kind chemical additives,

The Easy Fat Burning Aid: Green Coffee

The seed found with a coffee bean is used to make coffee, one of the most popular beverages in the world. This seed is roasted before it is grounded to make the coffee ultimately. Coffee being a popular drink is consumed at a high rate. More than 1.5 billion cups of coffee are yet already consumed throughout the world. However, these days after lots of research have revealed the health benefits of consuming coffee made from the green coffee bean before they are roasted into the popular brown shade that is highly crazed.

Studies and Research about the health benefits of Green Coffee

As per studies green coffee have strong antioxidants that help burning fat like natural antioxidants found in grape green seeds or green tea that is another common health beverage. Therefore, it is now considered as an assisting drink in weight loss programs. In 2007 “The Journal of International Medical Research” a study based of different types of coffee that is 200 milligrams of green coffee extract, 2,000 mg of Robusta and Arabica instant roasted coffee, and 90 milligrams of CGA revealed that how interestingly green coffee works on the fat. Those of consistently drank 11grams of green coffee that is around five cups of coffee per day regularly for 12 weeks found impressive improvement in their weight loss program. They were found to have shed 3.6% of fat content in the body and almost around 5.3 pounds.

Why Green Coffee is a healthier option?

Normally when the coffee is roasted at 475º F it destroys the chlorogenic acid, which is the most essential weight loss program helper in coffee. Chlorogenic acid aids in burning the fat and the cholesterol. It affects the body, in a way, that the sugar is released from the body. Low sugar in the blood stream means the less fat build up in the body.

The fat burning capacity of green coffee can be directly credited to chlorogenic acid or CGA which intensively assists in burning the fat in the body. CGA is known to initialize the process of absorption of glucose content in the small intestine and also the regular release of glucose from the liver into your blood stream. Thus, the body is compelled to rely on the fat content of the body when the glucose is released like this. Therefore, it results in burning of the fat to compensate the energy requirement of the body.

This is the reason health conscience people are trying a better ad healthier option over roasted coffee, that green coffee. It not only helps them in burning fat and losing weight but also in keeping their health in a better state. So, researches have revealed and clarified the fact and doubt among many that Ist Grüner Kaffee ein Fettkiller? It also acts as an energy buffer and anxiety reliever, unlike roasted coffee. So if you have not tried green coffee yet, try it today. Take a sip for your health, a healthier tomorrow can always make life more beautiful.

Carbuloss puro

carbulossbottleEstá llamando la atención en todo el Internet. Muchas revistas, foros y blogs están escribiendo sobre la nueva píldora que te hace perder peso. Proveniente de los EE.UU, recientemente se encuentra disponible en Espana. ¿Realmente Carbuloss funciona como todos dicen? Hicimos la prueba y obtuvimos más información.

Carbuloss es doblemente eficaz para adelgazar, ya que te hace sentir satisfecha de apetito y disuelve la grasa de las células. Según el fabricante, los ingredientes activos son clínicamente probados y los estudios han llegado a la conclusión de que las personas que han tomado Carbuloss han perdido un 22% en promedio de su peso durante un periodo. Sus principales componentes son los responsables de este efecto, la baya Acai se cultiva en la selva brasileña dando un té verde especial, que contiene, además los efectos purificadores, limpiando el cuerpo con su variedad de radicales libres que protegen la salud.

Nuestra propia prueba de Carbuloss


¿Cómo funciona la dieta con Carbuloss?

La “dieta” es muy fácil. Todas las mañanas, se debe tomar las cápsulas necesarias según se requiera: 1-2 cápsulas enteras antes del desayuno. Durante el día, beber mucha agua.

Algunas personas en lugar de tomar 2 cápsulas por la mañana, toman una antes del desayuno y otra, antes de la cena. Se puede hacer de ambas formas, cómo se decida.

 ¿Por qué Carbuloss tan especial?

carbulossmagsCarbuloss es uno de los pocos productos que incluyen las bayas del acai de forma altamente concentrada. Las bayas se congelan después de que son recogidas de las cosechas, por lo que los ingredientes se mantienen en su totalidad. Muchos productos de bajo costo usan extractos hechos de forma artificial y sólo utilizando una mínima cantidad del Acai. Muchas veces crean píldoras con otros productos para hacerlas lucir similares, pero que son falsificaciones.

Estas baratas falsificaciones vienen principalmente de países asiáticos, y pueden provocar daños severos a la salud.  Por lo que usted, sólo debe comprar los productos directamente con el fabricante.

Aquí algunos testimonios de las personas que han perdido peso.




¿Dónde puedo comprar Carbuloss?

Carbuloss puede ser adquirido directamente con el fabricante . De esta forma el producto no sólo es más barato sino, que también usted tiene la seguridad de recibir el producto original y no una falsificación barata.